Plans For Building Safety Management

It has become clear that building property management companies are going to have their work cut out for them with the incoming regulations pertaining to the Golden thread. This is magnified when it comes to managing legacy buildings, we’ve spoken to several companies and one area they all have said they’ll struggle with is having accurate plans of the buildings they manage. In some cases the plans simply don’t exist and in other instances they may have the plans, but they are inaccurate due to significant refurbishment/developments that have happened over the life of the building.

Currently the new regulations/guidance are looking to target buildings with sleeping accommodation over 18 meters tall, but they have left the door open to change the requirements, with the current word being that these requirements are going to impact all buildings, including those under 18 meters.

It’s clear that having up to date building plans is going to be essential to Golden Thread documentation, and the there’s going to be a rush to provide said documentation – so everyone who has a responsibility to manage any properties over 18 meters needs to act immediately.


Virtual scans and site plan production.
Our Virtual 3D scans are the foundation of what we do, we create a comprehensive scan of all accessible areas, to produce a full 3D Digital scan of your building.
Our Virtual surveys allow us to produce 2D and 3D floor plans. They are the quickest and most affordable way to produce schedules of condition, where imagery of the asset is vital. This protects the interests of all parties, much more clearly than traditional photographs and tabular forms of schedule.


Our virtual scans offes a simple visual demonstration of the layout and, if necessary, you can take accurate measurements from any part of the scanned area.
Gain a customers confidence and loyalty by showing you are prepared to adapt, use the latest technology available, and take your responsibilities seriously.
Pictures accompanying a report may offer some additional clarity to a report, however, links in a report to 3D scan data, for example showing the extent of safety risks where measurements and photos from different angles could prove to be invaluable.
Virtual surveys are a powerful tool for documenting the condition of existing properties at purchase stage or lease commencement. They are the best way to produce schedules of condition, where imagery of the asset is vital.


The Creation Process

Step 1 Consultation

Have a one-to-one consultation with one of our fantastic team members and we will advise you on how best to proceed with your project, we’ll talk you through each step of the process so you understand what’s required to complete your digital twin.

Step 3 Virtual Model Creation

Our fantastic team will then work on creating your 3D digital twin and produce your 2D/3D building plans. We will make sure to keep you updated throughout the whole process and have input at all stages of creation.

Step 2 Property Scan

We will organise, and carry out the site scan, liaising with necessary parties at all times to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible

Step 4 Handover

We will then provide you with your finished digital scan and building plans, provisioned and hosted by us.

Case Study

Town & City Management prides itself on providing a high-quality bespoke service to all its residential blocks, estates and landlords. They are fully committed to providing transparency, and offer unrivalled levels of customer service.

We recently engaged Town & City to create virtual scans of all of their managed properties. Due to the new legislation for building safety being introduced this year, Town & City knew that they needed to engage with us as soon as possible to make sure they had up to date plans of all areas they are responsible for.

Being an industry leader, they are always looking for ways to innovate and use new technology to improve their services, which is why shortly after meeting with Newcrest they knew the service we provide could play a big part in making sure they provide the best possible service to their customers.

Once we got the go ahead, we wasted no time working with Town and City to come up with an efficient project plan that covered everything they needed. We started with their biggest, most challenging, 10 storey block first. We visited the site and worked into the night to scan all ten floors of communal areas. Every aspect was captured, including the underground carpark, all stairwells, corridors, electric meter rooms and gas meter rooms.

Within 1 week we had produced a full 3D scan allowing Town & City to virtually see every aspect of the building. We also produced high quality photographs of all areas, and provided 2D/3D plans that are essential to satisfy the requirements of the new building safety rules that are being put into place this year.

Building Safety Management

Let’s work together to improve keep you one step ahead.

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