Summary Of Our Digital Marketing Audits In Redcar

Digital marketing audits are completely free and cover a wide range of topics for you and your business we will look at everything from your social media presence all the ay to your Google analytics and everything in between which will then all be compiled into a final audit for you to look over and see how you are doing online. A full list of what our audit will cover can be found below.

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How Does It Work?

Social Media Presence In Redcar

We will correlate and compile all of your social media accounts and then look at statistics such as customer engagement, overall post popularity, and post reach showing how far and who your social media is reach. You will be able to see if your social media is reaching your target audiences and be able to see if your promoted content if any is actually generating you extra engagement.

Ongoing social media management to help your site and company get exposure post launch.

Google My Business In Redcar

Google My Business is an essential tool for any business our audit will help make sure you are getting the most out of your GMB page and if your not we will show you some strategies on how to improve and move forward with your GMB page. The audit will then show ways you can grow and advance your GMB page and what information can be applied to it in order to help it be the best it can be and represent you and your business.

Google Ads In Redcar

Have Google Ads? Our audit will dissect and investigate your Google ads and see if your ads are reaching your set demographics and make sure the keywords you are paying for are helping you and your business grow. We want to make sure you are getting the most out of your Google ads and our audit will help you be able to see exactly where you stand and see the best path forward.

Overall Online Presence In Redcar

Finally, the audit will compile any other pieces of information and data on your online presence such as blogs or directory listings to give you the best view of how you look online to potential customers. We will then detail strategies on how to move forward with your digital marketing and what you and your business should do next with the opportunity to have us help you proceed and help you grow your marketing.

Our directory listing package, get your new website added to over 50 online directories.

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An Example Of One Of Our Audits

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