Dan Harvey

Creative Designer


Content Creation
Web Design

Born and raised in Middlesbrough, Dan studied Digital Media in school and then went on to gain experience working in professional cookery where he gained qualifications in food handling and food safety. 


After realizing he wanted to turn his passion for design into a career, Dan was keen to gain a deeper understanding of design. He is enthusiastic about landing his first job as a trainee here at Newcrest Digital and is looking forward to being able to showcase his love of design practically in a workplace.


Due to his previous work experience, Dan knows exactly how to produce an appealing, well structured product, he is also a keen learner and certainly would not pass on the opportunity to gain a new skill! 


Dan is an avid enthusiast of trivia and loves watching The Chase. With an avid interest in technology and entertainment, Dan loves to spend his free time playing video games or watching films and tv. He is also currently on a mission to grow his Netflix portfolio!


Bearing a love for nearly all animals (except spiders!) and having a soft spot for dogs, Dan hopes one day to see a capybara in person as he is fascinated by wildlife.