Kushan Bhardwaj

Senior Business Development Executive


Customer Service

Originally born in India and soon after moving to Ireland where he lived for over a decade, Kushan then found himself in Stockton-on-Tees, before attending the University Of Sunderland and receiving a first class degree in Screen Performance.


Kushan is one of our senior staff members in the sales team here at Newcrest Digital, having been with us a while he has had the opportunity to develop and enhance his sales and customer service skills in a working environment and can now help our junior sales team members to do the same.


Kushan always loves to stay motivated and passionate about whatever it is he’s doing, whether it be through his verbal communication or his positive work ethic, he will stay 100% engaged with the customer until they are satisfied with the end result.


In his spare time, Kushan loves to go rock climbing at any chance he gets, he says it helps keep him energized and focused at all times through his mind and body. One of Kushan’s favourite hobbies is to watch movies even sometimes creating his own productions too, as he aspires to be part of bigger productions in the coming years.


Kushan is confident and excited to deliver his skills and abilities, helping the business to reach its full potential.


Here at Newcrest Digital Kushan’s day-to-day duties include: Contacting clients to provide valuable information on all of our fantastic services and being able to assess and advise businesses on what is needed for them, creating the most personalised experience for every client. And of course performing regular check-up calls to look after all of our amazing customers.