Social media marketing and management.

Let us re-vamp your social media presence.

Need your social media managing? Newcrest Digital is perfect for the job!

We have a great team of experts who are fully capable of maintaining your social media accounts and engaging with your communities.

We can help to maintain a sleek, consistent and uniform look for your brand and if you want something a bit different, that’s really no problem for us at Newcrest Digital, we can appreciate every brand has a unique identity and approach, that’s why you’re in control the whole time. 

Get in front of your ideal customer.

Ensure your business is always in the eyes of potential clients.

UK Social Media Users (Million)

Total Users 50.89Million
Facebook 43.04Million
Twitter 16Million
Instagram 28.74Million

Whether it’s a Facebook post, an Instagram story or a tweet, everyone is using social media one way or another, which is why here at Newcrest Digital we feel it is so important ensuring your social media presence is up to the highest standards, so you can make sure your business is always in the eyes of potential clients.

Social Media Profile Management

If you need your social media presence growing look no further than our monthly management services. We can create or update and manage existing social media accounts, everything from Twitter to Facebook and everything in between. We will post regularly our own generated content or we can work on content you provide yourself.
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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Social media ads can be a great way to reach new potential customers, why not make sure those ads are promoting your business? Our social media ad packages are flexible and you are always in control you can be as hands on or hands off as you please in regards as to the content of the ad.
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'Transparency First' Policy

We ensure you will always be aware of how your money is being used and how our time is being spent growing your business, we are always up front about what we do and how we go about doing it, when you choose us you know you can trust us you will always be in control.

Flexible Prices

Offering our clients competitive, customer-friendly prices is so important to us. Unlike most digital marketing agencies who have set prices - we're flexible and aim to offer the best value for money to every customer.

Send your social reach to the moon.

Let us re-vamp your social media presence.

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